The short answer is…let us know you are ready to proceed and we will get you a service contract to review and sign. We can usually have you up and running within 30 days.

We understand the special relationship you want to preserve with your patients. Our policy is to treat each patient with the respect we would like to receive if we were on the other end. We take a consultative approach to help the patient understand their insurance and their financial responsibility. For those patients that do not pay their accounts within a specified time frame, we have a collection policy and documents which can be tailored to your situation. Generally speaking, however, the collection notices become harsher the more delinquent the patient becomes or if they deviate from an agreed upon payment plan.

You no longer have to worry about a billing office staff, We are responsible for hiring, training and supervision.You don’t have to provide office space and storage for the billing office.You don’t have to worry about the computer software. We take care of all those details. All you need is a simple local area network and high speed internet access in your office to use for patient lookup, to generate charge tickets, and for appointment scheduling.

We want you to continue using our service because you want to and it is in your best interest. Therefore, we short-term contracts and cancellation options during the first year of service. We can then collect your outstanding accounts receivable for you or provide your data to you on CD-ROM in an industry standard format suitable for importing into another system.

We will meet with the physicians and selected staff monthly to review the monthly reports which provide an excellent picture of the practice’s billings and collections. The reports include an aged accounts receivable summary, detailed practice productivity and insurance statistics. Custom reports are available for those practices which require them.

Industry experts agree that it can be extremely good business to concentrate on your core competencies, like providing quality medical care, and intelligently outsource your ancillary functions, like billing. Compass specializes in medical practice billing. Our senior staff averages over 30 years in the medical billing industry and are experts at coding, as well as, understanding and working with third party payers.

Although we believe most practices are better off with online access to their patient information, we can certainly accommodate those practices that choose not to install the communications link or PCs in their office.

Quick, efficient software support is only a phone call away. Software support is provided as part of your billing services.

In a nutshell, we provide all the advantages of an in-house billing system staffed by top-notch billing professionals with few of the risks and disadvantages of an in-house system. We maximize your reimbursements and collections at a cost comparable to an in-house system.

First, we are experts in this field. We know how to do medical billing properly to maximize your reimbursements. Equally important, we concentrate on the billing without all the distractions that occur in a medical practice.We will periodically review your fee schedule to insure that your coding is done to your advantage. We can improve your cash flow, in many cases, by reduced data entry problems, improved claims tracking and turn-around time on rejected claims. We work your accounts receivable collections each and every month.

Of course, our primary function is to provide high quality, professional billing and collection services. We process your claims in a timely, exacting manner. We generate patient statements weekly and work collection for all patients and insurance companies each month. We review insurance payments for correctness and promptly appeal all substantially incorrect payments.

In most cases, a quality, reputable billing service can be much more cost effective than in-house billing. Our cost analysis on a “typical” two to five doctor practice shows that, while our costs are a little higher than the cost of staffing, office space, storage, etc for an in-house computer system, we can improve net collections by 10% or more.

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