PatientNOW is the most user-friendly and complete EMR product on the market. If you’re serious about using quality software for your medical practice, we encourage you to get started now. Whether you’re a plastic surgeon, cosmetic physician, dermatologist, or OB/GYN, PatientNOW offers an affordable EMR solution for your growing practice. PatientNOW is an innovative healthcare technology company that creates practice management and EMR software for physicians such as plastic surgeons, dermatologists, medical spas and others. Medical practices that use paper and antiquated software are slower and less efficient. PatientNOW provides numerous solutions to bring your medical practice into the modern age. With PatientNOW, you can create, store, and search for crucial patient information electronically, replacing your existing paper files and placing many high-tech tools at your fingertips. Before PatientNOW, a surgery practice or medical spa would use multiple software systems or paper scheduling books and paper files to accomplish what PatientNOW delivers. PatientNOW is easy to use, learn, and install. Compared to other EMR systems, PatientNOW is the affordable solution that offers simplicity, functionality, and flexibility to meet the needs of your office.

Prospect Management

Capture every prospect and keep them coming back. Pathways Medical CRM™ is workflow automation to streamline a consistent sales process to generate more treatments and surgeries. Pathways ensure no prospect or patient fall through the cracks. Maximize your marketing dollars

  • Employee Task Lists – phone calls, letters, packets and emails help move patients more consistently through the decision making process faster
  • Automated email follow-up – ensures every prospect is followed up with in a timely manner
  • Referral Tracking – analyze marketing effectiveness and ROI
  • Commissions and Productivity – track staff effectiveness

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