More than just another billing service, Compass Billing is your trusted insurance claims and accounts receivable management expert. Compass clients have peace of mind knowing that the Compass experts are ensuring they are paid quickly and correctly.

Few practices can do billing more cost-effectively

Increase Revenue With Billing Services A cost effective way for many practices to improve total revenue, reduce staffing problems, and eliminate many of the administrative headaches caused by an in-house billing center. Medical practices can completely outsource billing or perform selected billing functions themselves while outsourcing the rest. Additionally, computerized appointment scheduling, recall, and other features are available for all practices.

Now you can focus on taking care of patients instead of wasting time with billing and collection headaches.

  • Improve collections by 15% or more without doing more work!
  • Reduce days receivable when our trained, experienced, and courteous staff follow through on delinquent claims and conduct a structured yet fair collection plan.
  • Speed-up claims processing through expert automation of submissions, submission reports, and claims follow-up.
  • Eliminate computer maintenance time completely.
  • And, SAVE money in the process

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